An Inside Look into Recording Artist Chico’s New Album With Metrophonic

When it comes to the world of recording artists, Chico is certainly a rising star. His latest album with Metrophonic Records has been stirring up quite a bit of buzz in the music industry, and people can’t wait to get an inside look at the creative process that went into creating it.

Well, fans have nothing to worry about because we’ve got an exclusive inside look into Chico’s new album that he made in collaboration with Metrophonic Records right here. Using innovative techniques and high-tech production methods, this team was able to create a truly unique sound that is immediately recognizable.

The Making of “Habits”

Chico’s third studio album, Habits, was a collaboration with producer and labels steward Geoff Oakes from Metrophonic Records. The two began their partnership in April 2016 when they first met at a conference for music professionals in Nashville. Both Chico and Geoff were impressed with one another’s passion for making great music, which quickly resulted in them working together on potential projects. By early January 2017, they had started working on what would become Habits – first with songwriting, then recording and producing over the next nine months until its release.

Being part of the Metrophonic team meant that Chico had access to some serious production firepower during his time working on Habits in Metrophonic’s state-of-the-art studio. He worked alongside Oakes and a large team of musical professionals including engineers, producers, session musicians and vocalists. All manner of modern technology – ranging from recording hardware to software instruments like synthesizers – was used to mould the unique tracks found on the album’s fourteen different tracks.

After nine long months crafting what was essentially an extended version of his previous EP releases (2014’s Hurry Up & Waitand 2016’s LoveKills), Habitswas completed and ready for public consumption by December 2017.

The Music: A Fusion Of Styles And Genres

The resulting sound heard within Habits can best be described as a fusion of multiple genres, styles and influences. Drawing upon classic soul records.

The countdown to release day for recording artist Chico’s new album with Metrophonic is almost over and fans from around the world are eager to get their hands on it. For many of them, this marks a new chapter in the career of their favorite artist that began several years ago when he was first noticed for his soulful sound and heartfelt lyrics. In anticipation of the upcoming release, we decided to take an inside look at what went into creating this highly-anticipated album.

To begin, Chico partnered up with Metrophonic Production music group; a UK based record producer and songwriting team known for working on some of today’s biggest hits. Working together they crafted 10 unique tracks that stand on their own but also come together in perfect harmony. For the album, they show the versatility of Chico’s style while never sacrificing authenticity, combining elements of pop, R&B and soul across all the tracks. According to Chico, “This album showcases how my sound has evolved over time as a result of my personal experiences and moving around the country until I finally settled down in LA.”

To capture his vision for this project perfectly, Chico enlisted the help of eclectic artists from different backgrounds and areas of expertise including long-time collaborators Greaze (songwriter/producer) and Mick Rogers (guitar). Together they pushed each other’s boundaries creatively and constructed an impressive array of beats, hooks and melodies that form a sonic tapestry that tie all the pieces together.

As for recording the final product —the team availed themselves to Metrophonic’s most advanced equipment which allowed them to sculpt every note into perfection and deliver hit after hit every single time. They stayed true to their idea to keep production as organic as possible, in order allow more space for real instruments like guitars and bass; then layered those sounds with synths and programmed drums to create something fresh yet familiar at the same time. With such attention to detail it’s no wonder why Chico is calling this one “my most creative project ever.”

Of course there are surprises in store too —one being two unexpected covers that you’ll only hear if you buy the deluxe edition —both versions will be sure to add another layer of emotion as only Chico can do so elegantly; reminding us why he continues to inspire generations all over the world. The remaining tracks focus mostly on love stories but interwoven with wisdom shared by a young man who is no longer just dreaming but living out his purpose—a message singularly delivered through each rhythm.

An Inside Look at Recording Artist Chico’s New Album With Metrophonic will surely be one for the books as there have been plenty great moments along the way leading up to its release date late September 2019; making it one experience worth listening closely too!